Thursday, March 2, 2017

General Conference Preparation

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Semi-Annual General Conference  are my two favorite weekends of the year!  I've loved Conference weekend since I can remember.  My parents always made it a special weekend filled with great anticipation!  Now I try to do the same for my kids.  I'm going to share some ideas.  REMEMBER: Do what works best for your family.  Do what will bring you and your family JOY!   Don't become overwhelmed.  Pick one idea you like and do it!    

-Have your kids learn the Apostles Names.  "Some might say it is not the leaders who are important, but the message they bring. Yet, if our children do not know the names of the members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, they most likely will not know their messages either."

-Where will the family watch conference?
 Do we need additional tables/chairs brought in?

- Make a plan for Saturday and Sunday.
Plan your meals.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Plan your snacks. (Growing up we always had super fun food during conference, which added so much to making it a special weekend!  Did someone say cinnamon  rolls!) Plan a fun family activity for the afternoon break.  Something that is active after all that sitting!!! (fly kites, go to a park, go on a bike ride)  -Plan to get a good amount of sleep both Friday and Saturday nights, and try to get any household chores/yard work done ahead of time.

- What supplies/ activities do I want to have ready.  I try super hard to have everything we are going to need in the room ready to go.  Snacks, drinks, pens, pencils, glue, tissues....

-Activities for the kids.  I have found that my kids only have so much attention span for coloring type pages, and Conference bingo.  I print my favorites from the links below, and then I also collect all the "quiet" activity things in our house to have ready and available.  Legos (build a temple!), construction paper/glue/scissors, puzzles, chalkboards, dry erase boards, paint with water books, etcha-sketch, magnadoddle, stringing beads, lacing cards, playdoe, or the latest favorite is to crochet a super long chain.  Then I hit the dollar store/ target dollar spots to see what fun new cheap activities I can find.  At the dollar store I usually pick up pipe-cleaners and beads to string on them, felt stickers, a new puzzle or two, and whatever else looks fun and quiet.
**Pick the Apostle (Don't Eat Pete) Conference Ideas (CONFERENCE BINGO!)

**Friend Magazine- Connect the Topic to the Apostle Book of Mormon Coloring Pages 

**Modern Coloring Pages 

**Modern Coloring Pages 

Free Printables
Fruit Loop Necklaces

Dot Sticker Printable (Not updated, but can still use the 1st presidency and several apostles)  you can use bingo markers, or dot stickers!

Treat Buckets  - Or snack buckets so its not as sugary!

Most importantly BE EXCITED!  Your excitement rubs off and your kids will learn to love conference just as much as you do!!!  Does everything run perfectly smooth and quiet for our conference weekends.  NO. But we try our best.    

General Conference Preparation Game!

And I'm so excited to share with you my creation of "Pick The Apostle!"  Played just like "Don't Eat Pete!"  I found the pictures of the apostles HERE. 

Simply click on the link below the picture, and download it to your computer.  OR click on the picture below.  When it enlarges, right click and save.  Print on card stock at your favorite copy store!  8 1/2 X 11 regular size paper!  Make sure to laminate it, so it will last!  

How to play: Place a piece of candy or cereal on top of each Apostle.  Have one player go out of the room.  All the other players choose which apostle will be "IT." (Say they choose Elder Cook!)  The player comes back in the room and one by one takes off the candy/cereal until he picks up "IT," then all the players shout the name of the apostle. (In this case ELDER COOK!)  The players turn is then over, and another player gets to leave the room.  This is such a fun game to help kids learn the apostles names!!  My kiddos LOVE it!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Prints!

It's March 1st and I am so excited to share with you my St. Patrick's Day Prints!!  If you have questions on how to print them, just look at the sidebar of my blog for instructions!  Use them to decorate your home, for gifts, for postcards... oh the possibilities...

5x7 (white border)


4X6 (white border)

These are some I created years ago... but thought I would share!  :)







I used these free papers, and this one for the gold.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Valentine Printables

Ran across some old printables I made before my Photoshop days... These would be great to place into a frame for decor, or use as a card for Valentines Day!  (All 4X6 size.)  Print at home, or a copy store, your favorite place to get photos!  (Costco, Walmart, Walgreens)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Baby It's Cold Outside

Guest Post From Doris!

“Baby, it’s cold outside” was a perfect theme for our January Luncheon. Everything outside was covered in beautiful white snow and light snowflakes were falling. 
 In our closet of supplies we had some foam flat snowflakes. The challenge was to make them into some cute stand-up centerpieces. Cutting half of the snowflakes down the middle and gluing them together they made a cute 3-D snowflake that would stand up. Easy and inexpensive!!

We were so excited to find the perfect paper placemats at Oriental Trading for the tables.  They added a lot of color and went so wonderfully with the theme. We find using the place-mats really saves on the wear and tear of our tablecloths

 When the Guests came in out of the cold snowy day they could help themselves to a Hot Cocoa Bar. We don’t have a lot of resources, and so we didn’t have a fancy Hot Cocoa machine, but adding some vinyl snowflakes to the Blue Container was pretty festive and the Hot Cocoa stayed so warm the entire Luncheon. Not a gorgeous Hot Cocoa bar, but very practical for our use.

The Stirring spoons were so fun and made the Hot Cocoa even tastier!! They were so simple to make. Just prop the spoons on the side of a dinner plate. Melt chocolate ( I used Hershey bars) and then pour a little into each spoon.

Besides the stirring spoons, we had crushed peppermint, marshmallows and whipping cream for them to add. Mmmmm Delicious!! The cute printables were found here , and here

Monday, January 23, 2017

Car Seat Cover Review

I absolutely love this Stretchy Car Seat Cover Canopy from The Blushing Baby!
It is a fabulous product with light, but durable fabric.  It is so easy to put on, and take off.  It fits snugly around the car-seat, so you don't have it flipping up in the wind, or touching the dirty ground!  I love how easy it is to slip my arm in to carry the car-seat, and how easy it is to peek in on my baby!  When she is in the car, and I need to put the handle down, I can keep the cover on, but just slide the hole down around her little face!  Shown in bottom left picture!  As she gets older I am sure I will love how versatile it is, as I can use it for a shopping car or high chair cover as well!  It even has the little slits for the buckles!  Fabulous product for a great price!

Check out The Blushing Baby website, or follow them on Instagram to see all of their great products!   I am currently drooling over their Bandana bibs... My baby girl could use some of those!!

*I was given this product to test out, and give an honest review.  

Monday, January 2, 2017

Goal Motivation!

It's that time of year again!  Time to make goals!  Here are some fun printables to print and hang around your house to help keep you motivated!
All are size 4X6, and perfect for these IKEA frames