Saturday, July 30, 2016

2 Buck Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point in August

Get all the information on 2 buck Tuesday's HERE

-The BEST week's to go are the 1st (before everyone hears about it) and the last week (when most everyone is back in school!) 
-Arrive 20 to 30 minutes before opening. Bring a snack and a game while waiting in line. This will save you time in the end... promise. 
-If you can't go early, go LATE! Go 2-3 hours before closing time.
-Have your cash ready to go, so you can get through the line as quick as possible.
-If you head to the Farm first, RUN to get in line for the horse rides the moment your through the door!
-If your headed to the Curiosity Museum, hit the Rain-forest area first. (The climbing/jungle gym area.) As the museum fills up they will limit the amount of time you can spend in there, or not let you in that area at all.
-Be patient. It will be busy, but you are saving TONS of money, so just enjoy what you can, and have a good attitude!

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