Monday, March 14, 2016

Preparing for General Conference= Learn the Apostles Names

When my oldest boy was 2 years old, I realized he knew lots of names.  Names of family, TV characters, and I decided he could totally learn the apostles names too!  I was right.  He learned them, and had fun doing it!  Since then I have always tried to make sure my kiddos know the names of the apostles, and can recognize them by their pictures.  I want them to love these men.  They are the real leaders in this world.  They are who I want my children to look to for heroes.  I also have learned that they listen better in General Conference if they know WHO is speaking.
Last Monday I posted these pictures found HERE.  I love that every time we pass by them, my 3 year wants to ask me who each and every one is.  He is learning them quick!  You can also print two sets of these cards and play a matching game with them, or go fish!

and just a simple list of their names.  Nothing fancy.

By Wednesday the kids already had their names in order.  (We learned this song with the old ones, and we just squeezed the new ones into it...)  Just simply displaying it in my home, gave my kids a desire to learn!!

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  1. Ok, I accept the challenge, Bob and I are going to memorize the names in order.