Saturday, November 25, 2017

Light the World

This year, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has chosen for the second year in a row the theme "Light the World" for it's Christmas initiative.  

I made some Light the World printables last year, but I wanted to make a few new ones! These are formatted for an 8X10.  Simply right click on the picture, save it, and print it from your computer or send it to your favorite printing place (Walmart, Costco...)

What will you do to #LighttheWorld this Christmas Season?

Monday, November 13, 2017


For our Halloween Luncheon, we found witches hats at a local grocery store for only $1.00.  We added some feathers and a bow and they made a fun centerpiece.  We gave them away as door prizes and 10 people went home with really cute witch hats.    We feel like the paper placemats add a lot of color and they really protect our nice tablecloths also!!

Guest Post From: Doris 

We can always have “S’MORE” fun!!

S’mores have been so popular the last few years, and who doesn’t love a roasted marshmallow, with melted chocolate on a graham?    We just made a fake fire with tissue paper adding in a package of marshmallows and a roasting stick.   It is always fun to have a “give away” on the table for one lucky person to take home.

We can’t always do a favor for them, but the months we can it’s so fun.  This month we sent them home with S’more to pop in the microwave and enjoy!!
Guest Post From: Doris

This is Your Life

In October,  we had a speaker come and encourage everyone to write their life stories.    I wanted a vintage look for the subject of  “Life Stories” and so I used hand crocheted doilies as a table topper and then folded the pages of a book to make it look decorative.   We added a quote about life stories and of course the
pumpkin for color…. you have to use pumpkins in October

Guest Post From: Doris

P. S. You are loved

Inspired by mailing love letters, we chose “P. S. You are loved” for our theme in February.
 Using Poster board we made the mailboxes for centerpieces.
We thought the mini-mailboxes with chocolate nuggets in were adorable.
The napkins were folded and tucked inside these cute envelopes.
 Just a fun wall decoration to add to the atmosphere of the room.  

Sometimes it’s hard to have the table look like what you picture in your mind.
We love when it all comes together!!   
(Aren’t the heart doilies a fun place-mat?) Guest Post From: Doris

Luck of the Irish

It’s always nice when a Dollar Store come through for you….  These green felt derby hats were fun to decorate the tables with.
The Gold poster board under the centerpiece added some “shiny”

 This Lucky Penny was just a fun thing to have waiting for them at the table, who doesn’t need a wee bit of luck?
Thank you for the free and cute printable:

Guest Post From: Doris

Red, White, and Blue!

I love America and you can never go wrong with Red, White and Blue!!   This month we used a Kerr jar and wrapped it with Burlap and red and blue ribbon and added an American flags.  There was a flag for everyone to take home with them.  

As a favor we wrapped a box of sparklers in the Red, White and blue napkins tied with jute.  (Did you know if you fray burlap it gives you great jute looking thread to use?)
The Patriotic dishes from Costco added a lot of color to the table with the scattered York mints with their Red and Blue packaging.

Guest Post From: Doris

You are “Eggs”-traordinary

I love these baskets we invested in at our local dollar store.  They are so versatile.
We have also used these squares of grass we picked up at Hobby Lobby numerous times.  

For Easter time, We filled all the eggs with delicious chocolate and each person at the table received and egg to take home.
We haven’t tried using so many colors of place-mats before but don’t you think it’s fun and colorful?

Good Fortune to You

It was really hard to find centerpieces for the Chinese Luncheon.  We had delicious Chinese food and wanted the decorations to go with the food we were serving.  This is what we came up with.  Fans…Fortune cookies… and chopsticks.  If you have some great Oriental centerpieces please let us know!!!  We will say, the oriental place-mats added a lot!!

Guest Post From: Doris

Seniors Just want to have “Sun”

June brings on the hot weather so bring on the sun and the beach!!

Nothing too unique, but we thought the napkin rings were fun.  A few of the guests ask to take some home so they could use them at family reunions!!

Guest Post From: Doris

Saddle Up

Guest Post From: Doris

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

This was such a fun theme!!  America’s favorite Pastime!!

We used our squares of grass again and added the mitt, ball and popcorn.  

We had “Babe Ruth” candy bars to snack on completed with a “Hawker”  handing out ice cream sandwiches and Cracker Jacks!!
C:\Users\Doris Ann\Pictures\Lunch Bunch\Sept 2016 - Aug 2017\11. Lunch Bunch Take me out to the Ballgame July 2017 1 (3).JPG
Guest Post From: Doris

It’s the most “Boo”tiful time of year

These Ghosts were so fun to make and looked so cute on the black tablecloths for our October Luncheon.   I just used Gauze purchased from the Fabric Store, soaked it a few minutes in  Liquid starch formed it over a balloon on top of a bottle.  I put a plastic tablecloth down on my counter for them to dry on.   It was fun and I would definitely do this again!!    
 One lucky winner at each table took the ghost home with them.
Guest Post From: Doris

Grateful Hearts

Loved using things from Nature for these centerpieces.  I just went walking in my neighborhood and found this wonderful greenery with these beautiful berries on.  We should look around outside for more centerpieces, nature provides beautiful, fragrant surprises.

 We always enjoy using the colorful plates and napkins that Costco sells each year for Thanksgiving.   You have to get the plate set before the season and as soon as you see them as they sell fast!!
For another dinner using a large square table I used the greenery like this and it was fun using silver pumpkins for the first time

These silverware holders were a huge hit.  Everyone wanted to go home and make them for their Thanksgiving dinners.  I found the free printable for the utensil holders  here 

Guest Post From: Doris

If life hands you Lemons…

This was a bright, happy theme.   Lemonade, old-fashioned lemon drops, real lemons…  
This was fun to do more decorating than usual.
My daughter made this cute printable for the frames found here:
Guest Post From: Doris

Red, White, and BOOM

These firecrackers were so fun to make out of a can of Pringles chips.
I was inspired by this blog post. The guests always love when we have something for them to take home with them, and who doesn’t love chips!

Guest Post From: Doris

This is the Place

Our speaker for this month was from the Utah Travel Bureau so we wanted to do the tables to go with that theme.  It’s simple, but we thought it was fun.  We just checked out books from the Public Library, the Travel Bureau donated maps to us and we added a few cars.  The guests enjoyed looking at the books while waiting for lunch.
Guest Post from: Doris