Thursday, January 30, 2020



These sailboats were made by just using a skewer on the sail anchored down in a circle of Plaster of Paris.  We bought the cute red and white stripe trays at Hobby Lobby.

We love to send our guests home with a favor, usually it is Chocolate so it was fun to do something different.  (Unless you are like me and LOVE only Chocolate)


We do Cherry-ish our Senior Lunch Bunch!
It was fun to have such a bright happy theme.

 To make the Cherries for the Centerpieces we just used red balloons,  paper twist and paper leaves.
We did have to Glue the Cherries to a clear plastic so they would stand up.  We found our inspiration for the cherries here  

We made the cute cherry napkin rings from Candy Cherries, wire and twine. We were inspired by the idea here 
And...Everything is more cute with these cute red check tablecloths!

The Balloon Cherries even looked cute hanging on the wall!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Relief Society Birthday Gift Idea

I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but my dear friend had the idea and asked me to create the printable.  Sized to be a 4x6.  How fun would this be to receive?  Love the cute pens!

Teacher Appreciation Posters

These fun posters are designed to be 13x19 posters.  Most copy stores will print that size for less then $2.00!

Christmas Appreciation for Church Teachers and Leaders

We usually remember to thank our kids school teachers, but what about our kids church leaders?  Grab a fun treat and attach this cute tag to show them you are grateful for their efforts!

Simple Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Attach this cute tag to a cleaning supply for the classroom!

Attach to a some Hershey Hugs!

Attach to the teachers favorite treat!

Father's Day Gift

Attach a pen to the left side in the blue space and your done!  Easy Father's day gift!  We handed these out at church to all the Fathers!

Lemon Birthday Tag

Attach to Lemon-aid, Lemons, Lemon Candy, Lemon Decor, and you have an instant 40th birthday gift!
Or use this tag for any birthday!

S'more Bar Printables

There is nothing better than a S'more bar for any occasion!  Here are some printables you can use!

We put them in Ikea Frames (and thanks to the crazy wind we had to tape them down)

Photo Credit: Jocelyn Blackhurst

Maypole Centerpiece

In May we decided to do Maypoles for centerpieces.  It was fun to hear comments from that generation that had actually participated in doing Maypoles at school.

I just used thick cardboard cylinders ( like from plastic wrap or foil) and used Plaster of Paris in the cups to make them sturdy.

The napkin rings were made from Cupcake liners.  

Happy May Day!

You Are My Sunshine

"You are my Sunshine" 
This was a fun theme.... but  a little harder to think of a centerpiece.
I think the sun for a table topper made all the difference!!

Blast Off

We love to spoil our Seniors that come to our luncheons. 

 We try to always send them home with some kind of favor.
For July we went patriotic and made the centerpieces out of Rockets made with Rolo Candy Bar's!   
They loved taking them home!!

County Fair

Who doesn't love a County Fair?

We gathered our garden produce, bottled jams and a friend made homemade bread which put together made some fun centerpieces... and the best part  we drew names for them to take home the yummy food.

Monster Mash- Halloween

Isn't it great when Target's dollar section comes through for you?

We just added some pipe cleaners in a plaster of paris cup (Painted black )  inside so the eyeballs would poke out of the buckets.

We got the eyeballs at Dollar Tree and just drilled a hole in the bottom of them for the pipe Cleaner to go into.

Scattered chocolate eyeballs around.... Wow, easy peasy centerpiece!!  
We loved the bright colors!  The napkin rings all had eyeballs on too.

We brightened up the front wall with Paper Plate monsters and eyeballs!

Life Needs More Pumpkin Pie

We had a lot of fun with this theme.  Each table got their own Pumpkin Pie as a centerpiece, with plates and Whipped topping so they could dig in!!

We ordered the pies from a local company, Rocky Mountain Pie's and they were so good.

The wood slices gave the pie a little pedestal and we love when we can layer the table toppers !!  

It's not the best picture of the banner but it was so simple to make and we think it turned out pretty fun!  Thank you for the inspiration 

Santa Belt Christmas

It's always hard to decide on centerpieces for Christmas because there are so many amazing ideas out there.

This year we chose to do A "Santa Belt" theme.  It was a lot of fun!

We made three different sizes of cones for each table.  It was a lot easier to make the cones using a paper mache cone to form it around.
My inspiration came from here. 

We filled these gift boxes with yummy chocolate candy for them to take home

The Silverware and napkin holders added a lot to the table.

Bon Appetit

Once a year at our luncheons we have Pizza Pie Cafe' cater and we do a Pasta Bar.  
Everyone loves it and we love it because it's so easy.

Going along with the Italian theme we made little chef's for the Centerpieces.

We just filled a cylinder with Fettuccine added a mustache, a Neckerchief and made a little chef hat from thick Tissue paper.  We think he's pretty cute!! 

We are loving our red check tablecloths we invested in.  They have been so fun to use with a lot of our themes!!

Valentine Luncheon

Tic Tac Toe
3 in a Row
Hugs & Kisses
X's & O's

A friend of mine gave me some centerpieces she had spent so much time on.
She made Tissue Paper flowers and pinwheels.  Put them in a jar decorated with Doilies and twine.
I love that she shared these with our lunch group.

To add to the centerpieces we Put a tic tac toe pattern on each placemat.  It really made the placemat much more attractive!!
We cut fun XO's out to put on the napkins tied with twine ( What did we ever do before Cricket and Silhouette machines were invented)

For their favor we made these cute tic tac toe games for them to take home.  

We have included the PDF if you would like to make your own 😊
They fit a 4X6 clear bag.