Saturday, February 1, 2020


Who knew Spiders could be so fun?

We love our IKEA lantern's, they are so Versatile!!!
We applied vinyl spider webs and spiders to the inside of the lantern with spider webbing underneath!
(The spider webbing was a pain to work with, I would do something different next time!)

Who knew donut holes could double as SPIDER EGGS?  
Thank you for the great idea from here
This made a fun favor for each guest to take home.

I appreciated the napkin ring idea from here
Creepy and Crawly....  and so very fun!


When it is Cowboy Poet time we like to decorate a little country...

Putting a square of burlap and a bandanna in the mason jar helped to keep the  Sunflowers in place and We liked the look it gave.

We added just a simple paper napkin ring

And for their favor an "Edible Cow Pie"   aka  No Bake Cookie

Thursday, January 30, 2020



These sailboats were made by just using a skewer on the sail anchored down in a circle of Plaster of Paris.  We bought the cute red and white stripe trays at Hobby Lobby.

We love to send our guests home with a favor, usually it is Chocolate so it was fun to do something different.  (Unless you are like me and LOVE only Chocolate)


We do Cherry-ish our Senior Lunch Bunch!
It was fun to have such a bright happy theme.

 To make the Cherries for the Centerpieces we just used red balloons,  paper twist and paper leaves.
We did have to Glue the Cherries to a clear plastic so they would stand up.  We found our inspiration for the cherries here  

We made the cute cherry napkin rings from Candy Cherries, wire and twine. We were inspired by the idea here 
And...Everything is more cute with these cute red check tablecloths!

The Balloon Cherries even looked cute hanging on the wall!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Relief Society Birthday Gift Idea

I wish I could take credit for this awesome idea, but my dear friend had the idea and asked me to create the printable.  Sized to be a 4x6.  How fun would this be to receive?  Love the cute pens!

Teacher Appreciation Posters

These fun posters are designed to be 13x19 posters.  Most copy stores will print that size for less then $2.00!

Christmas Appreciation for Church Teachers and Leaders

We usually remember to thank our kids school teachers, but what about our kids church leaders?  Grab a fun treat and attach this cute tag to show them you are grateful for their efforts!