Friday, May 20, 2016

School is OVER, Summer is HERE!!!!

Getting through the school year is no small feat.  So when we finally do make it to that last day, it is time to CELEBRATE!!!
I love making a big sign to welcome summer!!

 I also like to get my kids a little something, nothing big.  Last year I got them bubbles, water balloons, a nice jump-rope, and some goldfish.  The tag said "You are oFISHally done with Kindergarten!  Not it's time to JUMP into a summer full BUBBLING with fun!  Mom and Dad are so proud of you we could BURST!"

Our old neighborhood would all gather together on the last day of school and have a HUGE summer party!  Everyone would bring a treat/snack to share, and then they would set up a huge slip-n-slide made from old billboards.  It was such a blast!  So gather your friends/neighbors and CELEBRATE!!!  Summer is here!!!   

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

BEE POSITIVE Centerpieces

This was a fun theme to have a speaker come to share ways we can stay positive.

These gorgeous mum's were on sale for $2.99 and by adding some chevron and black paper they fit into the "BEE" theme well.  One person at each table got to take home a beautiful flower.

Thank you to     for sharing the wonderful printable of the darling bee!!

I picked up the banner at Dollar Tree if you can imagine, and just covered what was on it with the bee's and letters, made it very affordable and easy!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Memorial Day- Personalizing the Decorations

After losing a close loved one Memorial Day took on a whole different meaning.  I love nothing more now then to go to my sisters grave, and to find that others too have remembered her and left flowers by her grave.
Looking for ideas to decorate a grave is impossible.  There is no Pinterest page for that.  There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple, but my Mom and me love to do something a little extra.  It helps us in our grieving process, and it feels like we are doing something extra to show our love for Natalia.  
She LOVED Daisy's.  So almost everything we do involves Daisy's.  Just adding some fun star picks added the special touch here.

Even adding a little ribbon with a message, and a name can also bring that special personalized touch.

My sister LOVED teddy bears and tea-sets.  So one year my mom displayed those at her grave.

These giant pinwheels were fun (Hobby Lobby) we put a quote on it that said "Your love is like the wind, we can't see it, but we feel it."  The flowers in the front were put in tin cans painted like a flag.    My favorite thing on this grave is the yellow paper.  One of her sons made it for her using the letters of her name to describe her.  Priceless. 

We love to make banners.  We love something that is tall by her grave, and not just on ground level.  She LOVED Denim so we made the banner out of jean pockets.  (Yes those are her handsome twin boys!)  

Sadly we don't have pictures of everything we have done.  

-One year we hung flowers off of a golf club, because she loved to golf.
-One time we made a wreath with pieces of the game UNO and Life around it because she LOVED to play games. 
-We've used pictures to add to flowers, wreaths, or just display.

So if you want to add a little special touch to a memorial decoration this year, think of what the person loved. How can you incorporate it?  What can you do to add just a little something to make it special?  We would LOVE some new ideas!  Please share in the comments below how you make Memorial Day grave decorations personal.             

Friday, May 13, 2016

New Printable Quotes

Here are some of the most recent printables I'm excited to share! 


PC: My Mom Doris

The next two are from my new favorite song from Tim McGraw 





Thursday, May 12, 2016

"You're One in a MELON" Centerpieces

Guest Post from Doris!

Nothing says summer like Watermelons

We turned a red sand pail from the Dollar store into a Watermelon  for this centerpiece.
With just a little cutting and gluing the place mats took on a watermelon look.
This was just a very inexpensive, simple theme.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Summer Adventures, Free or Cheap!

It is so important for kids to keep reading all summer long!  It helps to have a little encouragement though! 

FREE Book, FREE Happy Meal and FREE Bee's Tickets! 

FREE BOOK from Barnes and Noble 

Almost every library participates in a Summer Reading Program!  Check out your library to see what programs they offer!  Sign up's will be happening soon! FREE!

Scholastic Summer Reading Program!  Read, Log Minutes, Earn Rewards.

Earn FREE admission to the Utah State Fair, a FREE drink, and a FREE carnival ride!

Earn 10 Free Tokens at Chuck E Cheese for reading for 2 weeks!


Megaplex Theatres
10 movies for only $1.00 Each!
New this year are Sensory Friendly Showings!

Cinemark Theatres
Buy early 10 movies for $5.00
or $1.00 for each movie if purchased at the showing.
-Don't forget to sign up for their emailed coupons to get deals on concessions!  

Check your local theaters.  Almost all theaters do summer movie deals, even the dollar theaters!


Simply put in your State to see if your local bowling allies are participating!

99Cent Bowling at Fat Cats .  99 Cents for Bowling, shoe rental, pizza, fries, drinks and more!

Free Entrance to hundreds of locations for 4th Graders
If you have a child in 4th grade don't forget to print off your free pass here to see hundreds of parks, lands, and waters for free! You can use it up until Sept 1.  If you have a 3rd grader, don't forget on September 1st you can get your pass for the 2016-2017 year!  For local's this even means free entrance to Timpanogos Cave!

Look at the city websites that are located around you, and find out where all their parks are!  Go park hopping and explore new parks!

Hit up lots of splash pads, find a list of 60 HERE

Go on lots of hikes!  10 ideas HERE

Check out my things to do in Utah page for 60+ places to visit HERE 

Monday, May 9, 2016

30 + Ideas for Studying Spelling

Need ideas to make studying spelling less painful?  Here are 30+ ideas to help you try something new!  These were gathered from friends, family, and school teachers.   
Finger Spell- Write your words in sugar, or pudding mix.  If you spell it right you get a lick.  Or spell them in sand, rice, finger paint, or shaving cream!  Even finger spelling on sandpaper, or in the air!  This site is awesome.  You type in the spelling words and then choose play a game, or print out flash cards etc.  

Type ‘Em - Type all of your spelling words on the computer.

Snowman or Scarecrow (Hangman) - On a wipe-off board or chalkboard, draw a snowman with hat and three buttons. Play like hangman (don't forget to draw the lines to show how many letters the chosen word has), but erase a part of the snowman for each guess. The object is to guess the word before the snowman melts.

Fancy Letters - Use old magazines, catalogs, or newspapers to cut out letters and glue them down to spell your words!

Spelling Baseball - Draw four bases on a piece of paper or set up four chairs to be the bases. Pitcher selects a word. If batter can spell it correctly, he moves forward one base. If batter cannot spell word, he remains where he is. Child receives point every time he passes home base.

Spelling Bingo - Each player folds a piece of paper 4 times so you have 16 boxes. Each person makes his own game board and chooses 16 words from the current list and past lists (or use the same words more than once). Write one word in each box. The caller says a spelling word. If a player has the word on his bingo card, he traces over it with a pen or colored pencil. If the player does not have the word, he turns his paper over and writes it on the back. For a real challenge, play black-out bingo.

Water Wash - (Warm day required!) Use a paintbrush and water to write your words on the sidewalk!

Trace Around - Print one of your spelling words neatly. Take a colored pen and draw an outline around the word, closely following the shapes of the letters. Close your eyes and remember the shape. Now try to write the word.  

ABC Order - Write your words in alphabetical order. Then write them in reverse alphabetical order.

Story Time- Write a story with the words

Sentences- Write a sentence with each word

Verbal Spelling- Give your child a Verbal Spelling Test

Word Search- create a word search with your kids spelling words.  Lots of online programs will do this for you.

Disappearing words - Write the word over and over and each time they drop a letter off the end until eventually there aren't any more letters.

Write it somewhere fun- Have them write the words in sidewalk chalk outside, or on a dry-erase board, chalkboard, or simply use a fun marker or pen on color paper.  Anything to make it different and a little more fun!  

Test the Adult- Have your kid give you a verbal or written spelling test. They then have to correct it.  Mess up on purpose sometimes!

Repetition- Say the word, write the word, check the spelling, cover the word, spell it out loud, correct if wrong.  

Pyramid method. Have the child repeat the word out loud then write the word in pyramid form while reciting each letter in order.

Old school index cards-  Have them write the word on one side of an index card. Use them as flash cards. Have the child recite the word then say the letters out loud. Then lay the card down and have them try again. These are easy to transport and do in the car, at a stop light, while waiting in line, or as an afternoon activity.

Physical Activity-  Have them do something physical while they verbally spell the word (clapping hands, jumping jacks, marching, jump on a small trampoline ) 

Shape- Memorize the shapes of them just before the tests. Up twice, back to normal, down once, etc. 

Musical- We make up songs w/the, "B-i-n-g-o"....sort of thing. It usually helps & turns out to be goofy & fun! Doesn't have to be the same tune as "bingo" you just make up your own.

Fun Letters- Use Magnet letters, or Scrabble Tiles to spell the words.  Always fun to race a partner!  

Draw it- Write each spelling words, then draw a picture that represents each spelling word.

Rainbow Write- write each word five times in all the colors of the rainbow 

Back Writing- Write the words on someone's back, have them guess the word

Video it- Video the child spelling the words, then watch it back 

Make the word- make the words using play-doepipe-cleaners, wixi-stix, 

Swat the word- Write all the words on a card.  Then using your hand or a fly swatter swat the correct word when they are called out.

Construction Paper Writing- Write spelling words on construction paper with a wet Q-tip.  

Relief "Sole" Society Activity - High Heel Cupcakes

I had to throw together a Relief Society Activity super fast, and this is what we did.  It turned out AWESOME!!!  I took my ideas from these two blogs;
This was our fun invitation to get the sisters excited!  Our stake at that time was gathering donations for Safety Net so we encouraged the sisters to bring a pair of shoes to donate, and any other donations they had. We received a ton of great donations!   

The dessert for this event was just WAY to fun!  We made high heel cupcakes!  
I am a huge fan of NOFADE cupcake liners.  Totally worth the extra cents.  You can find these at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Party stores...  
  I decided to make 2 kinds of cupcakes.  Chocolate Oreo and 

Strawberry Lemonade.  So easy.  Just make the cake like normal, but add a pudding mix!  YUM!

Oreo Frosting:
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup butter
Pinch of Salt
5 Tbsp of milk
1 tsp vanilla
5 cups powdered sugar
1/4 cup Karo corn syrup
Cream together shortening and butter.  Add pinch of salt and vanilla.  Gradually add powdered sugar and milk.  Blend well.  And corn syrup last, beating an additional 3-4 minutes. Then add finely crushed oreos.  Add to your taste!  Spread or pipe onto cupcakes. 
Strawberry Lemonade Frosting 
1 cup real butter
1/2 cup seedless Strawberry Jam (You can use seeds, totally a preference)
3-4 cups powdered sugar
Mix all ingredients together until fluffy.  Spread or pipe onto cupcakes.  Add lemon zest to the top of cupcakes for the lemon flavor!    

We put them together at the church on the table they would be displayed on, because they are fragile.  You don't want to have to move them a bunch.  
Simply frost a simple edge around a Milano Cookie .  Found at most grocery stores.

cut your Pirouette Waffers in half but at a 45 degree angle.

Simply frost the cupcake to your liking.  Then place the Milano cookie in the back at an angle, then put some frosting on the 45 degree angle of the  Pirouette Waffer and stick that to the bottom of the Milano cookie.  It really is so simple, and so cute, and everyone LOVED them!

The night of the event, we set up two rows of chairs in a semi-circle, had a few fun high heels next to the shoe quotes, and then the fun high heel cupcake display.    

We gathered together, sang "Faith in Every Footstep" I gave a little tiny talk about not judging others, walking a mile in their shoes, "what if her story, were my story."  Then everyone came up and shared their own shoe story.  (Those that wanted to.  Most people did!)  Then we ate fruit, and high heel cupcakes!!!  I thought it turned out to be a super fun night.  Some of the stories brought the spirit, others just made you laugh.  Stories of shoe being worn for temple service, river rafting trips, a husband buying them after noticing a wife admiring them... so many fun stories.  A fun fun night!  

Here are some of the printables I made to use that night;