Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Snowmen are my favorite!!  You can't look at a snowman and not smile!!
These snowmen were so fun and easy to make!   I just drew a snowman face and then photocopied them.  I added the little orange to the carrot and red to the checks by hand so I didn't have to pay for color copies.  For the hat you just hot glue or stitch a tube and then tie one end with yarn.  We tore the fabric into one inch strips for the scarves.  It would be really cute to use real buttons, but that wasn't in our budget 😊 
The snowmen looked so cute all together on the table and everyone loved taking a cute snowman home and eating the Pringle chips!!

We also had a Hershey bar made into a snowman for them to take home.  We made them just the same as the Pringles cans

We gave them water bottles with "MELTED SNOWMAN" water bottle labels on.  If you search "snowman water bottle labels" on Pinterest there are a lot of great printables for the water bottles.

You won't go wrong decorating with Snowmen!!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Elf Themed Christmas Centerpiece

Guest Post From Doris!

Oh what a fun theme this was to decorate with!!  Elves are just magical and so whimsical!!

For our centerpiece I just bought green containers at Dollar Tree.  I put a fake bottom in them so it wouldn't take so much popcorn to fill them up and supported the legs better.  I made the elf legs out of wrapping paper tubes covered with cute wrapping paper and just glued the elf shoes together and slipped on the end of the wrapping paper tubes.  Using red and green melted chocolate I drizzled the popcorn so it looked more festive.  I also added red and green accents for color.  For the belt I found it easiest to use stick on vinyl and cut the buckle out with my Cricut machine!   The centerpieces made a great doorprize.
The elf napkin holders were so cute and colorful on the table.  I am glad I had a Cricut machine to cut the buckles out with however!!  Thanks for the idea here:

We used some cute elf stationary to put up some signs around the room.     The Free Printable is here:

For their favor to take home we gave them a bag of "Elf Kisses".   There are a lot of cute printable for this on Pinterest!!

I loved how bright and happy the room looked as everyone entered from the cold and snowy day!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Light the World

I wanted some cute printables to hang up around my house to remind me of the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative.  Only 2 days into it, and I am LOVING having this month focused on serving as Christ would serve.  To find out more about #LIGHTtheWORLD go HERE!