Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Favorite Thanksgiving Activity/Decoration

Last year we made a giant Thanksgiving Tree in our entry way!  I LOVED it!  Super cheap to make, helped us reflect the whole month on our many blessings, and was such a conversation piece as people stopped by our home.

Stop by a school supply store or copy store and pick up some butcher paper!   You can make your tree as LARGE or as small as you want.  Cut a long piece of brown for the trunk.  Make it 3D, by crinkling it up and then tapping it like a semi-circle!  Then use more pieces of the brown to crinkle and create the branches.  (It's easier then you think!) Then use your favorite fall colors to cut our some leaves!!  Each day have your family members write down something they are thankful for that day.  Watch your tree fill up with blessings!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Halloween Growth Chart

The Halloween decoration I love most (as well as any visitors) is our Halloween "Growth Chart" 
For several years we have been painting feet ghosts, and spider hands and recording my kids ages on them.

Nothing more fun than to see how quickly they grow!

To make the spiders, simply place both of the child's hands in black paint (trying not to get the thumb) and then place it onto the paper! One on top of the other in opposite directions!  Add googly eyes, or use paint to make your own eyes!

For the ghost's, simply place child's foot in white paint, then onto the paper.  After it's dry, use googly eyes, or a marker to draw eyes for the final touch!

Do it for one year, and treasure the keepsake.  Of do it for several years!  So easy, yet so fun.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016