Tuesday, October 2, 2018

General Conference October 2018

So excited for General Conference this weekend!!  I rounded up the best updated activities and printables I could find!  Hopefully this will help in your preparation to make General Conference a success for your family!  

New Conference Activity Pages from the Friend 

Getting to know our Prophet and Apostles 

Apostle Bingo

Apostle Flashcards

For more ideas on preparation go HERE

Monday, September 24, 2018


I saw this quote a few months ago and I can't get it out of my head.  I have a lot of regrets from my 11 years of motherhood, but I'm trying to focus on the future...  I hope I can be an intentional mother.  One who teaches, trains, guides, and plays with her children.  For the days are long, but the years are oh so very fast.  

To all you mothers out there, keep going.  Keep trying.  Keep doing your very best!

Which print is your favorite?  All sized to be a 4x6.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Teacher Appreciation Gift

It never hurts to start off on the right foot... right?  My kiddos took these cute paperclip light-bulbs to their teachers today for their 1st day of school!  This could be used all year long for any teacher appreciation or holiday gift!  You can find these paperclip light-bulbs at Walmart with all the office supplies.  Less than $2.00, but super cute!

School Routine Charts

What have you found helps your before and after school routines to run smoothly?  These simple pieces of paper help us.  The kids know what needs to happen, and the expectations are clear.  Print your own below or come up with your own as each home has a different routine!

Before School Routine Chart 

After School Routine Chart

Monday, July 16, 2018

BORED is a Bad Word!

These were my Mom's favorite two quotes when I was growing up, and now they have become mine... especially in the summer!!!


Friday, July 13, 2018

Girls Camp Gift

I had two good friends serve as leaders up at Girls Camp.  I wanted to do a little something to welcome them home.  Sadly I forgot to take pictures before I gave them away.

This one I put with a giant Twix bar, and a fun face mask/wash.

This one I put with a MOUNDS candy bar, and also a fun face mask/wash.  

Surgery "sucks!"

Surgery is never fun, but being remembered is.  
2x3 Printable
We picked up this fun sucker for a neighborhood boy who had emergency surgery this week.  His Mom told me he said "this brought a happy feeling to my heart."  It is always nice to know someone cares.  

---I hope my Mom will excuse me for using the work suck... since its for a sucker...---

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Women's Conference Quote

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend BYU Women's Conference.  In a breakout session Kara Murri said quoted President Nelson as saying "The Lord likes effort."  I can't get the quote out of my head.  Truth be told, I just want things to come easy.  I want answers to come like a text message, but that is not how the Lord works.  I need to prove to him I am willing and ready to receive his guidance in my life.  It takes effort.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

"Senior's Have Heart's of Gold"

This month's theme was "Senior's have heart's of Gold"  and I can tell you the Senior's in our city really do.  They are the best!!
These dainty clovers made fun napkin rings (too bad the color of the placemats wasn't a real green...)
I just cut hearts out on my cricut and glued them together to form a lucky four leaf clover!
Everyone loved these favors made with Rolo's.  I just cut circles out of gold scrapbook paper with my paper punch, glued on the rolo and I think the thing that made them extra cute were the Wilton Shamrock sprinkles.  Glad I found the inspiration for the hats here:  https://todayscreativelife.com/rolo-leprechaun-hats/
I was lucky enough to borrow these vases that had been converted to Gold. and just used the balloon weights from Dollar tree to stick down in the vases.  Simple, but colorful.

Friday, March 30, 2018

General Conference Countdown- 1 More Day!

I love this quote from Elder Pingree Jr.'s talk "I Have a Work for Thee."  Can you believe it?  Conference is tomorrow!  So excited to hear from our newly called Prophet President Nelson and all our other leaders who will speak!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

General Conference Countdown- 2 More Days!

This week I had a circumstance that made me feel amazed at God's divine design for each of us.  I really love Elder Rasband's talk "By Divine Design" where this quote comes from.  I know his hand is in our lives.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

General Conference Countdown- 4 more days!

This quote comes from President Eyring's talk "Fear Not to Do Good."  I love to read this talk when I'm overwhelmed by the world.  It reminds me that it will be hard, but good will always win.  Faith will always defeat fear!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Countdown to General Conference- 5 more days!

I thought it would be fun to countdown to Conference by sharing a quote from our previous conference, each day until Saturday/Sunday!  This quote was quoted by Elder Pingree Jr. in his talk "I Have a Work for Thee."    Such an inspiring talk that makes you want to let God make more of you in your life.  

Saturday, March 17, 2018

It is Okay Not to be Okay...

Our stake held a Women's Conference this week.  It was a wonderful meeting.  Two quotes one of the speakers (Bishop Fugal) said keeps coming to my mind.  Maybe someone else needed them too.  :)

Friday, March 9, 2018

Be a Rainbow

This print could be used anytime, but I think it is especially fun to display at St. Patrick's Day time!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Popcorn Quote

Love this popcorn quote.  I think it would be a perfect handout for any type of leadership training.  School teachers, Relief Society leaders, Visiting Teaching Conference, Young Women Leaders, Primary Leaders.... 

Friend "SHIPS" are the best SHIPS!

In February we celebrated Friendships!
These "ships" were so fun to do.  I just made a base for the sail with a Styrofoam cup and poured plaster of paris about 1/3 way up and placed a skewer in the middle.  When the plaster of paris was set up, i just peeled the cup off.  I glued the sails and flag on, put it in the trays from Hobby Lobby using crinkles to cover up the base.  So quick and easy and everyone loved them.  
Behind the cake table, we added some sails that gave some color to the room.
"There are good SHIPS,  and wood SHIPS, SHIPS that sail the sea, but the best SHIPS are FRIENDSHIPS, may they always be" 

Family History Poster

Made this poster for our family history activity in Relief Society.  Can you tell it was made close to Valentines Day?  

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

There is "Nutter Butter" Teacher than You!

Need a quick and easy gift for a teacher or a friend?  Grab some Nutter Butters and attached this cute tag!  I love when Smith's has the bags of Nutter Butters for $1.00, that's when you stock up and have these cute gifts on hand!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Harry Potter Class Valentines

I've never seen my 5th grader boy so excited to hand out his Valentines.
But when its a Harry Potter Snitch, can you blame him?
 I got the idea HERE, and then made it our own by using Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Balls, and creating Gold Glitter Wings with Harry Potter writing.  Simply take the brown wrapper off, glue the gold ball onto the wings, and your done!  Easy, and fun for a boy!  (or girl!)

To print your own Snitch wings click HERE!

Class Valentine "You make my heart BOUNCE!"

My son is so excited to hand out his preschool Valentines!
 Want to make some too?

I picked up the paddle ball's at Dollar Tree, wrapped the tag around, and hot glued it together.

To print this cute Valentine click HERE!

Class Valentines "You've got all the WRITE stuff"

Loved how my daughters class Valentines turned out this year!!
Want to make some?
Print the free printable below, and grab some of these cute pencils in the dollar section at Target (or pick up any fun pencils)!  Simply cut out the hearts, and with an exacto knife cut little slits for the pencil to slide through!  Easy Peasy!

To print this cute Valentine click HERE!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

SWEET sounds of Christmas

 We always have the High School Madrigals come to entertain us at our luncheon in December, so Sweet "Sounds" of Christmas was  our theme.
These peppermints were so fun to make.  I first thought of painting the swirls on the paper plates.  I was a little overwhelmed with that and then a good friend suggested to just get color copies of a peppermint.  PERFECT!!!  I just glued the copy on to two paper plates and glued them together.  Wrapped them up in cellophane tied with bows.  They were so bright and fun.  Thank you to Amy D for the initial idea of the peppermint!!

The peppermints would have been fine for the centerpieces but instead I used them around the room and found beautiful peppermint wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and just wrapped boxes for the centerpieces.  For the napkin rings I just put cellophane through a small color copy of a peppermint just cut out with a punch.

For just a little chuckle, as favors we gave out CANDY CANE SEEDS.   Thank you Farmers Wife for the idea. Click here for our printable version!  

On the back we put this cute saying:
Magic Candy Cane Seeds
I once knew a gardener who knew how to grow
bright tasty candies from under the snow.
I asked him to share his secret with me
and this is the advice he gave me for free….
“To garden in winter snow is difficult,
it takes lots of care for a magic result.
Here are a couple of seeds to grow and
Soon you will have candy canes all in a row"

Taste Of Italy

Because we were serving a Pasta & Salad bar we wanted to decorate the tables Italian.  It was so inexpensive....almost free using what was in our cupboards.   
The napkin rings with just a bow tie pasta glued on just add simple touch.