Thursday, March 2, 2017

General Conference Preparation Game!

And I'm so excited to share with you my creation of "Pick The Apostle!"  Played just like "Don't Eat Pete!"  I found the pictures of the apostles HERE. 

Simply click on the link below the picture, and download it to your computer.  OR click on the picture below.  When it enlarges, right click and save.  Print on card stock at your favorite copy store!  8 1/2 X 11 regular size paper!  Make sure to laminate it, so it will last!  

How to play: Place a piece of candy or cereal on top of each Apostle.  Have one player go out of the room.  All the other players choose which apostle will be "IT." (Say they choose Elder Cook!)  The player comes back in the room and one by one takes off the candy/cereal until he picks up "IT," then all the players shout the name of the apostle. (In this case ELDER COOK!)  The players turn is then over, and another player gets to leave the room.  This is such a fun game to help kids learn the apostles names!!  My kiddos LOVE it!

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