Saturday, September 10, 2016

September 11th Memorial, in Kaysville Utah

This Sunday marks the 15th Anniversary of that horrible day, September 11th.  Did you know that Utah has its own 9/11 Memorial?  We do!  It is located in Kaysville, Utah at the Utah State Botanical Gardens.

920 South 50 West, Kaysville. 

This memorial is a perfect place to go and reflect.

A place to remember the horrible tragedy of that day, to remember those lives senselessly taken.

It's also a place to reflect and remember the many heroes of that day, and the days that followed.

It's a place to remember how neighbors, communities, and our whole country came together and placed "God Bless America" signs everywhere.  That amazing sense of unity we all felt.

It's a place to take your kids and teach them a bit of history.  Talk to them about where you were on 9/11, and what effect it has had on your life.

This memorial honors the lives of Utahan's lives who were taken that day, and in the days that followed fighting in the War on Terror.  Watching a mother show her small child the name of his Daddy, and say "See, that's your Daddy's name.  Your Daddy is a HERO!"  This memorial means so much to each of them.
While you are there, take a walk along the beautiful trails.  Hold your family close, and be thankful for all the blessing you have.
(Photo Cred: TheTrekPlanner)

Nearby in Farmington there is a perfect hike called "Flag Rock" to add to your reflection of 9/11.

From State Street to Flag Rock is the same height as the World Trade Center Towers. You can get all the details of the hike, and the history of the flag here;

**I was personally involved in getting this memorial built.  If you visit, I would love for you to share a comment here on this post!

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