Thursday, July 21, 2016

Olympic Birthday Party

For my son's 7th birthday he wanted an Olympic themed party!!  It was so much fun!!  

When the kids arrived we had them make their Country flags, and did the march of the athletes to some fun Olympic music!  Of course my son held the Olympic torch at the front of the line!  

Then we did our Olympic games!  Each event had a sign like this to make it feel official! 

We did the Javelin (throw a water squirter as far as you can!) 

Shot Put- (Throw a Bocce Ball or any heavy ball... as far as you can!)

We did the Long Jump

Soccer Shoot Out

Other games... 4X100 Relay, 
Hurdles, Basketball, and a 100 Meter Dash!

And finally it was time for the Medals Ceremony!  We had each child stand on the podium!  Then my son award them all with a Gold Medal!

Then it was time to dig into the treats!

Gold Medals: Vanilla Oreo's with Fruit By The Foots!

Olympic Torches: Ice Cream Cones filled with Cheetos

Olympic Rings: Donuts!

Instead of having the kids bring birthday presents, we asked each of them to bring sporting equipment to donate to Camp Kesem!  My kids have more then enough toys, so we decided to pay it forward.  Camp Kesem was so grateful for our donations!  Nothing better then giving.

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  1. That’s such a wonderful idea! It is so true that we buy things for our kids already and kids who have no one to look after them get nothing. I am so proud that there are still kind people like you. My sister thinks a lot like you she invited under privileged children to one of the beautiful LA venues for her son’s birthday party last year.