Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Back to School Dinner

Having a "Back to School" dinner the Sunday night before school starts is quickly becoming a favorite tradition.  Each year I pick a goal/theme for the school year, and base the decorations and food off of that!  (If possible!)  I love spending the night talking about the goal, and getting excited for the year ahead.
Last year we did "Be Positive!"  My kids love to come home and tell me all the bad things that happened in their day.  While I want to hear that, I also don't want them to dwell on it either.  So for every negative thing they said, they had to tell me 2-3 positive things.

For the table I whipped up a couple Chalk Arts, printed a few be positive quotes, use a yellow table cloth, black plates, and Bee paper's I found at Utah Idaho Supply.

Super easy/cheesy Bee Brownies for dessert.

Another year our theme was WORK HARD!  I wanted my kids to learn that they can do hard things.  That we are hard workers at our house.

So of course a construction theme came about!

Nothing says work hard like hard hats!  Hobby Lobby sells great cheap ones!
This year I am thinking the theme will be "Be Kind" because our world could sure use more kindness right now, and no better place to start than at home.
So keep it simple, or go all out, but I promise you, you won't regret setting a family goal for the school year ahead!

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