Tuesday, January 30, 2018

SWEET sounds of Christmas

 We always have the High School Madrigals come to entertain us at our luncheon in December, so Sweet "Sounds" of Christmas was  our theme.
These peppermints were so fun to make.  I first thought of painting the swirls on the paper plates.  I was a little overwhelmed with that and then a good friend suggested to just get color copies of a peppermint.  PERFECT!!!  I just glued the copy on to two paper plates and glued them together.  Wrapped them up in cellophane tied with bows.  They were so bright and fun.  Thank you to Amy D for the initial idea of the peppermint!!

The peppermints would have been fine for the centerpieces but instead I used them around the room and found beautiful peppermint wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby and just wrapped boxes for the centerpieces.  For the napkin rings I just put cellophane through a small color copy of a peppermint just cut out with a punch.

For just a little chuckle, as favors we gave out CANDY CANE SEEDS.   Thank you Farmers Wife for the idea. Click here for our printable version!  

On the back we put this cute saying:
Magic Candy Cane Seeds
I once knew a gardener who knew how to grow
bright tasty candies from under the snow.
I asked him to share his secret with me
and this is the advice he gave me for free….
“To garden in winter snow is difficult,
it takes lots of care for a magic result.
Here are a couple of seeds to grow and
Soon you will have candy canes all in a row"

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