Monday, May 9, 2016

30 + Ideas for Studying Spelling

Need ideas to make studying spelling less painful?  Here are 30+ ideas to help you try something new!  These were gathered from friends, family, and school teachers.   
Finger Spell- Write your words in sugar, or pudding mix.  If you spell it right you get a lick.  Or spell them in sand, rice, finger paint, or shaving cream!  Even finger spelling on sandpaper, or in the air!  This site is awesome.  You type in the spelling words and then choose play a game, or print out flash cards etc.  

Type ‘Em - Type all of your spelling words on the computer.

Snowman or Scarecrow (Hangman) - On a wipe-off board or chalkboard, draw a snowman with hat and three buttons. Play like hangman (don't forget to draw the lines to show how many letters the chosen word has), but erase a part of the snowman for each guess. The object is to guess the word before the snowman melts.

Fancy Letters - Use old magazines, catalogs, or newspapers to cut out letters and glue them down to spell your words!

Spelling Baseball - Draw four bases on a piece of paper or set up four chairs to be the bases. Pitcher selects a word. If batter can spell it correctly, he moves forward one base. If batter cannot spell word, he remains where he is. Child receives point every time he passes home base.

Spelling Bingo - Each player folds a piece of paper 4 times so you have 16 boxes. Each person makes his own game board and chooses 16 words from the current list and past lists (or use the same words more than once). Write one word in each box. The caller says a spelling word. If a player has the word on his bingo card, he traces over it with a pen or colored pencil. If the player does not have the word, he turns his paper over and writes it on the back. For a real challenge, play black-out bingo.

Water Wash - (Warm day required!) Use a paintbrush and water to write your words on the sidewalk!

Trace Around - Print one of your spelling words neatly. Take a colored pen and draw an outline around the word, closely following the shapes of the letters. Close your eyes and remember the shape. Now try to write the word.  

ABC Order - Write your words in alphabetical order. Then write them in reverse alphabetical order.

Story Time- Write a story with the words

Sentences- Write a sentence with each word

Verbal Spelling- Give your child a Verbal Spelling Test

Word Search- create a word search with your kids spelling words.  Lots of online programs will do this for you.

Disappearing words - Write the word over and over and each time they drop a letter off the end until eventually there aren't any more letters.

Write it somewhere fun- Have them write the words in sidewalk chalk outside, or on a dry-erase board, chalkboard, or simply use a fun marker or pen on color paper.  Anything to make it different and a little more fun!  

Test the Adult- Have your kid give you a verbal or written spelling test. They then have to correct it.  Mess up on purpose sometimes!

Repetition- Say the word, write the word, check the spelling, cover the word, spell it out loud, correct if wrong.  

Pyramid method. Have the child repeat the word out loud then write the word in pyramid form while reciting each letter in order.

Old school index cards-  Have them write the word on one side of an index card. Use them as flash cards. Have the child recite the word then say the letters out loud. Then lay the card down and have them try again. These are easy to transport and do in the car, at a stop light, while waiting in line, or as an afternoon activity.

Physical Activity-  Have them do something physical while they verbally spell the word (clapping hands, jumping jacks, marching, jump on a small trampoline ) 

Shape- Memorize the shapes of them just before the tests. Up twice, back to normal, down once, etc. 

Musical- We make up songs w/the, "B-i-n-g-o"....sort of thing. It usually helps & turns out to be goofy & fun! Doesn't have to be the same tune as "bingo" you just make up your own.

Fun Letters- Use Magnet letters, or Scrabble Tiles to spell the words.  Always fun to race a partner!  

Draw it- Write each spelling words, then draw a picture that represents each spelling word.

Rainbow Write- write each word five times in all the colors of the rainbow 

Back Writing- Write the words on someone's back, have them guess the word

Video it- Video the child spelling the words, then watch it back 

Make the word- make the words using play-doepipe-cleaners, wixi-stix, 

Swat the word- Write all the words on a card.  Then using your hand or a fly swatter swat the correct word when they are called out.

Construction Paper Writing- Write spelling words on construction paper with a wet Q-tip.  

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