Monday, May 16, 2016

Memorial Day- Personalizing the Decorations

After losing a close loved one Memorial Day took on a whole different meaning.  I love nothing more now then to go to my sisters grave, and to find that others too have remembered her and left flowers by her grave.
Looking for ideas to decorate a grave is impossible.  There is no Pinterest page for that.  There is nothing wrong with keeping it simple, but my Mom and me love to do something a little extra.  It helps us in our grieving process, and it feels like we are doing something extra to show our love for Natalia.  
She LOVED Daisy's.  So almost everything we do involves Daisy's.  Just adding some fun star picks added the special touch here.

Even adding a little ribbon with a message, and a name can also bring that special personalized touch.

My sister LOVED teddy bears and tea-sets.  So one year my mom displayed those at her grave.

These giant pinwheels were fun (Hobby Lobby) we put a quote on it that said "Your love is like the wind, we can't see it, but we feel it."  The flowers in the front were put in tin cans painted like a flag.    My favorite thing on this grave is the yellow paper.  One of her sons made it for her using the letters of her name to describe her.  Priceless. 

We love to make banners.  We love something that is tall by her grave, and not just on ground level.  She LOVED Denim so we made the banner out of jean pockets.  (Yes those are her handsome twin boys!)  

Sadly we don't have pictures of everything we have done.  

-One year we hung flowers off of a golf club, because she loved to golf.
-One time we made a wreath with pieces of the game UNO and Life around it because she LOVED to play games. 
-We've used pictures to add to flowers, wreaths, or just display.

So if you want to add a little special touch to a memorial decoration this year, think of what the person loved. How can you incorporate it?  What can you do to add just a little something to make it special?  We would LOVE some new ideas!  Please share in the comments below how you make Memorial Day grave decorations personal.             

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