Monday, May 9, 2016

Relief "Sole" Society Activity - High Heel Cupcakes

I had to throw together a Relief Society Activity super fast, and this is what we did.  It turned out AWESOME!!!  I took my ideas from these two blogs;
This was our fun invitation to get the sisters excited!  Our stake at that time was gathering donations for Safety Net so we encouraged the sisters to bring a pair of shoes to donate, and any other donations they had. We received a ton of great donations!   

The dessert for this event was just WAY to fun!  We made high heel cupcakes!  
I am a huge fan of NOFADE cupcake liners.  Totally worth the extra cents.  You can find these at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Party stores...  
  I decided to make 2 kinds of cupcakes.  Chocolate Oreo and 

Strawberry Lemonade.  So easy.  Just make the cake like normal, but add a pudding mix!  YUM!

Oreo Frosting:
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup butter
Pinch of Salt
5 Tbsp of milk
1 tsp vanilla
5 cups powdered sugar
1/4 cup Karo corn syrup
Cream together shortening and butter.  Add pinch of salt and vanilla.  Gradually add powdered sugar and milk.  Blend well.  And corn syrup last, beating an additional 3-4 minutes. Then add finely crushed oreos.  Add to your taste!  Spread or pipe onto cupcakes. 
Strawberry Lemonade Frosting 
1 cup real butter
1/2 cup seedless Strawberry Jam (You can use seeds, totally a preference)
3-4 cups powdered sugar
Mix all ingredients together until fluffy.  Spread or pipe onto cupcakes.  Add lemon zest to the top of cupcakes for the lemon flavor!    

We put them together at the church on the table they would be displayed on, because they are fragile.  You don't want to have to move them a bunch.  
Simply frost a simple edge around a Milano Cookie .  Found at most grocery stores.

cut your Pirouette Waffers in half but at a 45 degree angle.

Simply frost the cupcake to your liking.  Then place the Milano cookie in the back at an angle, then put some frosting on the 45 degree angle of the  Pirouette Waffer and stick that to the bottom of the Milano cookie.  It really is so simple, and so cute, and everyone LOVED them!

The night of the event, we set up two rows of chairs in a semi-circle, had a few fun high heels next to the shoe quotes, and then the fun high heel cupcake display.    

We gathered together, sang "Faith in Every Footstep" I gave a little tiny talk about not judging others, walking a mile in their shoes, "what if her story, were my story."  Then everyone came up and shared their own shoe story.  (Those that wanted to.  Most people did!)  Then we ate fruit, and high heel cupcakes!!!  I thought it turned out to be a super fun night.  Some of the stories brought the spirit, others just made you laugh.  Stories of shoe being worn for temple service, river rafting trips, a husband buying them after noticing a wife admiring them... so many fun stories.  A fun fun night!  

Here are some of the printables I made to use that night;


  1. Do you have the invitation available that can be used and edited?

    1. Did you hear from anyone about getting an editable file?

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  3. WHat a brilliant idea!! Super cute! Those cupcakes are genius! And look delicious!! Thanks for sharing your idea!!