Friday, May 20, 2016

School is OVER, Summer is HERE!!!!

Getting through the school year is no small feat.  So when we finally do make it to that last day, it is time to CELEBRATE!!!
I love making a big sign to welcome summer!!

 I also like to get my kids a little something, nothing big.  Last year I got them bubbles, water balloons, a nice jump-rope, and some goldfish.  The tag said "You are oFISHally done with Kindergarten!  Not it's time to JUMP into a summer full BUBBLING with fun!  Mom and Dad are so proud of you we could BURST!"

Our old neighborhood would all gather together on the last day of school and have a HUGE summer party!  Everyone would bring a treat/snack to share, and then they would set up a huge slip-n-slide made from old billboards.  It was such a blast!  So gather your friends/neighbors and CELEBRATE!!!  Summer is here!!!   

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