Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bubble Gum Birthday Party

My daughter is obsessed with gum.  So for her 4th birthday we did a Bubblegum party!  It was so much fun!
I had her hold a little balloon in her mouth for a bubblegum picture for the invitation

Made these fun yet easy cupcakes!  Here's how; Make cupcakes.  Frost with white frosting, and put M &M's on for the "gum."  Turn an ice cream cone upside down, put a skewer through it, and slide the cupcake sideways onto the skewer.  Add a little M&M on the cone with frosting for the last touch! 

Decorate with pictures, gumballs, gumball machines, and your cupcakes of course!

Pin the quarter on the gumball machine was a hit!  We also had a bubble blowing contest!

This party would be fun for almost any age!!

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