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Girls Camp Theme Idea- L.E.G.O.

When looking for a Girls Camp Theme let the spirit be your guide.  He will let you know what your girls in your ward need.  It is helpful to look at other ward's ideas, but in the end let the spirit guide you to a theme and activities that are just right for your girls.  

Me and my assistant camp leader met with our junior leaders and worked together to come up with our theme.  Finally it was decided;



God &


Based on the talk from THIS talk given by President Monson.

We had so much fun with this theme!  Funl little pillow surprises, testimony meeting tissues, study notebooks (conference ensign, Proclmation to the Family, highlighter, pen, paper, scripture assignments for certification...)
We made Lego Rings, and heart Lego Necklaces.

It's always good to put the schedule in the middle of camp so that everyone can look at it and know what's next!

Each day we would write up a new question on the dry-erase board in the cabin.  This helped the girls reflect and think about the theme for the day. 

I wish I could share more pictures, but because of privacy reasons I wont.  Here are some ideas from our camp that I feel are worth sharing.

- My FAVORITE thing we did was get a 5X7 picture of each of the girls, put it 8 1/2 X 11 white cardstock.  Then we went into Young Men's before camp and had them write on little blue 'bricks" (rectangle papers) what they liked about each Young Woman.  Up at camp we had each of the girls right on yellow bricks what they liked about each girl.  On red bricks the leaders wrote what they liked about each girl.  Then the leaders stayed up late one night in the cabin and glued each girls bricks on around her picture, and then put it into an IKEA frame.  For our "Faith Walk" we acted out the book "You Are Special."  At the end each girl went up to Gepetto (their maker) and he gave them their frame and said "You Are Special, because I made you, and I don't make mistakes!"  The girls LOVED their frames... especially the bricks from the boys!!!  :)  This was worth every effort.

- Bishopric Family Home Evening.  - We had our bishopric and their wives come do a family night for our girls.  It was powerful, moving, and gave the girls a great opportunity to connect with them.  Highly recommend.

- Relief Society Night- We had our R.S. Presidency come up and do our friendship night with us.  We played lots of fun group games, and then gathered around the fire for our friendship night.  Everyone sits in a circle. One person starts and says something they like about the person sitting to their right.  Then she lights her candle (or breaks her glowstick...) It continues around the circle until everyone's candle or glowstick is lit up!  Talk about how we all have a light to share with others.  We need to be kind.  We need to be a strong circle of friends for each other.    

Lego Building Get to Know You Activity- As soon as we had camp set up we had each of the girls/leaders build something out of Lego's that described them.  This was very insightful and fun!

Lego Skit - We also had the girls do a a Lego skit based off of the book "The Crayon Box that Talked."

- Secret Service Sisters- Instead of doing Secret Sisters that give each other gifts, we did Secret Service Sisters.  They were each given a girls name at the beginning of camp to do secret service to throughout camp.  If I did it again, I would give them a new name each day!

-Mom and Dad letters - Before camp we collected letter from each of the girls Mom and Dad's or Grandma's and Grandpa's.  During our hike we found a spot to stop.  One of the leaders talked about Mothers.  Each of the girls said one thing they liked about their Mom.  Then they went by themselves and read their letters from their Moms.  We did the same thing for the Dads.  It was AMAZING.

-Sewed matching PJ pants before camp at a mutual!  So much fun having them all matching up at camp!

-Packing List - example of our packing list

-Guest Speakers- We had 3 guest speakers from our ward come up and give us a little love ourselves workshop.  I highly recommend looking around and seeing who can come and teach your girls!  Once again let the spirit be your guide!

-Camp Schedule - example of what our schedule looked like

-Testimony Meeting- We handed everyone a packaged of testimony tissues.  Then we had the Young Women President share what IS a testimony, and then share hers.  It was a great way to start off testimony meeting.  

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