Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lady Bug Themed Nursery

My daughters nursery received more compliments then any other room in my house!  People loved to go in her room, because it simply made them happy!  It was so hard to find baby bedding for a little girl that wasn't PINK PINK PINK... finally I found this one from JOJO designs. I found it on Ebay for a lot less though... 

One we had the bedding, the room came together piece by piece.  I love a themed room!
My amazing husband and I hand painted all those white circles... Now it would be so easy to cut vinyl circles using a cricut or silhouette machine!  The walls are what made this room.  Paint can do amazing things!

Ladybug hair bow holder.  Found the lady bugs in the craft department at Walmart, clued black and white poka-dot ribbon onto them, and it created the perfect bow holder for super cheap!

When she got bigger, we kept the lady bug theme because we loved it so much!  Such a fun room for a little girl!

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  1. Love this! This was on my top two favorite baby bedding choices when we had Chloe. I ended up going with pink and purple… But I still kind a wish I would've gone with the ladybugs! Adorable! Want to come decorate my house?