Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Valentine's Day Centerpieces

Guest Post from my Mom Doris!

It’s always wonderful to go all out on table displays and settings, but sometimes it just isn’t practical to use  real dishes with chargers , cloth napkins with napkin rings or expensive centerpieces.    When  you do a lunch for 80 people, once a month,  you are doing  a lot of tables on a low budget.  This is where we will share ideas for tables when you are on a budget and have limited resources.  One thing for sure, we always want to make sure those coming to our event walk in and say “Wow, these decorations make me feel special”.  
*Purchased a 1.00 container in Target's dollar area.    Filled a paper cup with plaster of paris putting a wood skewer painted black in the middle and let dry.  
Make fun puff balls then glue onto the wood skewer.   Place the cup inside the cute square box and aAdd paper filler to top to cover the cup.   This way, the cups can be removed and the cute square containers can be used again for a different centerpiece another year.

Directions for Puff balls can be found here:

One important thing to remember when doing a centerpiece is to keep it under 11 inches tall so that people can see the person across the table without having to move the centerpiece .

We love to give the guests a little favor.  These woven hearts made a great favor to fill with chocolate!!  The are fun to make!
You can find instructions to make the woven hearts here:

We try to decorate a little around the room.  Not too much because we need to take down fast and make the clean up easy.

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