Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cowboy Theme Centerpieces

Guest Post from my Mom Doris!

I think the best way to do decorations is to have a theme.  Sometimes the theme is based around a  holiday or the speaker or program we are having.

One of my favorite themes:   "Cowboy" Theme.

I used bandanna's from the dollar store layering the red and blue.  These lanterns from IKEA are so versatile to use for many occasions.  They are well worth the investment initially.   We added a battery candle with bandanna paper around the center.  The final touch was some rope available at any hardware store.   

I like to have something on the table for the guests to munch on so I added a basket of yummy Chicago Mix Popcorn  available from Costco.
Add even just a simple paper band to the napkins  for a touch of color and a way to say "we went the extra mile for you"

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